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Silk Threads

All catwalk seasons brings timeless and new age fashions. A duo of fabrics that continue to bloom this Spring are silk and satin. After being popular in the early 2000s, these shiny garments are making a comeback in 2019.

Silk/printed satin textiles are cool, comfortable and have unparalleled visual luster. These cloths make for elegant and sophisticated looks. Here is some styling inspiration…

  • Mis-match textures Silk has a sensual feel that designers enhance by pairing with butter-soft leathers or faux leather. Be brave with an attention-seeking print, this is no time for being a wallflower!

  • Layering Add a luxe satin blouse with your favorite blazer and boyfriend jeans for a fun date night look. If being casual but feminine is more your mode, opt for a floor-length satin slip and add a slim-fit T-shirt layered underneath or knotted over the top. Don’t forget to incorporate a few dainty necklaces along with some sneakers to complete this style.

  • The classic scarf Want to add a little sparkle to your wardrobe, add a silk scarf to your outfit. Dig into your grandmother’s closet or search your local thrift store to find a vintage printed scarf. There are several ways to utilize: tie around your neck, wrap around the handle of a purse, around your wrist as bracelet or even as a headband.

Share with us below which styling tip you will try or how you will wear this trend?



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