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Welcome to Sashé! 

We’re two professional women -- Ashanti and Jamie --- who happen to love fashion. We call Nashville our home, but our concept of fashion is out of this world. Our unique styles, contemporary classic and vintage chic, complement each other and are sure to give you what you need. We believe style isn’t limited to what you see on models or in glossy magazines, but inspired by what you are drawn to and how you feel. There are no limits!


What We Love:



Classic pieces like pumps and heels, jeans, white tee, leather jacket and the list goes on

Pops of trends to spice up an outfit like eclectic and colorful accessories

Little Black Dress


What You’ll Find Here:


Tried and true shopping tips

What to wear for that special occasion (brunch wedding, anyone?)

How to achieve the wow factor without breaking the bank.

The best fashion finds from boutiques in Nashville and beyond


Why You Should Follow Us:


We believe that every woman is beautiful, and it begins with confidence. When you feel good in your own skin, what you wear only adds to your masterpiece.


Fashion and style are evolving much too fast to leave you hanging. We’re consumers, too, so we want the same things you want: fresh and relevant content, behind-the-scenes on industry events and expert advice.


Lastly, we are convinced that it’s all about how you work it and women should Sashe every day!


Fashionably Yours,

Ashanti and Jamie

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