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Moving Solutions

*Disclaimer - This is a sponsored post via Moving Solutions*

Ready, set, sold! That seems to be the way things are happening in this hot Nashville real estate market. Everywhere you turn houses are selling like crazy and people are moving like crazy.

Moving is exhausting and not the task that everyone gallops to sign up for. Some people see moving as a new opportunity in their life, others view it as a genuine struggle to survive it.

While nobody can deny that moving from one home to another is stressful, expensive, and nerve-racking, let us introduce the perfect Moving Solutions to make this major life event seamless.

Moving Solutions is a Nashville based company that offers local, regional, cross-country and even international moves. They customize their offerings based on the specific needs of their customers while providing fast, efficient and honest moving services.

Packing up an entire house is stressful but moving clothes is an understatement, especially when you have a large closet or a lot of clothes (and let’s face it – most of us do).

Moving clothes is not a fun chore many Nashvillians enjoy. It’s easy to leave this necessary household item to the last minute and forgo packing them altogether. We’re all for cutting corners when packing clothes if it makes sense. However, with a little organization and the right techniques, we will show you how to pack clothes for moving like a pro.

For tips on the most efficient way to pack your clothes, keep reading below:

· Evaluate/take inventory of your closet Before you begin packing clothes for moving, assess your closet. Take a look at your clothing, shoes, hats, bags and other accessories. Which items are worth packing and which items do you no longer want or need? In order to fully assess your closet, try hanging all clothes on hangers in front of you. Take folded clothes out of drawers and place them on your bed. This will give you a better picture of what you actually own.

· Decide what to keep, what to donate and what to sell To keep or not to keep? A question that every fashion blogger asks themselves. After evaluating your closet items, it’s time to divide everything into three piles: keep, donate and sell. To help you decide what to keep and what to toss, we recommend asking yourself several questions: Have you worn this item in the last year? Is the item still in rotation of your style profile? Does the item fit you properly? Is it still in good condition? If the answer to these questions is a resounding no, then place the garment in either the donation pile or sell pile.

· Donate gently-used closet items – Now it’s time to start purging your closet. Begin by taking all gently-used clothing, shoes and accessories in your donation pile to the nearest thrift shop, Goodwill, or Salvation Army. Also, be sure to request a tax-deductible donation receipt from the charity when dropping off your goods.

· Sell closet items that are still like new or trendy – Wanna make a little extra money on your clothing items? Try selling them online, hosting a yard sale or dropping them at a consignment store. Online marketplaces for used closet items include Debop, Poshmark, ThredUP, eBay and Facebook Marketplace. Let’s face it we ALL have garments with price tags still on them (Shaking my head).

· Wardrobe Storage Service - There are storage services that keep your high fashion clothing and accessories safe and secured. Open up your space to only keep what is seasonal in your dressing room. Humidity and excessive heat will not interfere with the quality. The idea is simple: storing your off season items allows you to have them out of your home and have more space for your current season wardrobe.

· Clothing packing methods and moving supplies - Now that your closet is purged and you have decided what to keep, you’ll need to start thinking about how you plan to move these closet items. Here are the main items you will need when packing clothes for a move.

· Cardboard boxes – These boxes will be used for packing folded clothing. Fortunately, you can find them just about anywhere.

· Wardrobe boxes – Wardrobe boxes will come in handy when packing clothes on hangers and items that wrinkle easily. These specialty moving boxes can typically be found on, home improvement stores and any moving supply store.

· Suitcases – Suitcases are an excellent, low-cost way to pack folded clothing, shoes and more. Think of how you pack a suitcase when you go on vacation. To make space, you might roll clothing into small bundles.

· Vacuum or compression bags – These reusable storage bags are a great way to condense clothing items while also protecting them from the elements.

· Pack within a dresser drawer - Consider leaving all clothing in its place and seal the drawers and doors, so they don’t fly open when they’re moved. This technique works best if you have professional movers who are used to moving heavy furniture. If it seems safer, remove the drawers, seal them with plastic, and move them individually.

Getting your clothes organized and packed is a big part of making your move happen. Equipped with this helpful information on how to pack clothes for moving, you can easily check this big job off your moving to-do list. Need more tips on packing solutions for your home? Be sure to check out these long distance Nashville movers for any tips and tricks to help you find the perfect service for you and your family!

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