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Return of Tie Dye

Though this 2019 fashion trend is just getting started, Tie-dye is something we are all familiar with. Tie-dye can be traced back to the late 60s, but the last time you wore it was probably in middle/high school. We know you remember...the bleached denim jeans with a graphic tee. And we cannot forget the ribbed tank top with a denim mini-skirt and chunky slide sandals. Can we say throwback??

Psychedelic rainbow swirls dominated the catwalks this Spring and it has trickled down to high street wear and fast fashion. So whether you want to fully embrace this vibrant pattern or give it a subtle touch, this groovy print will be everywhere this Spring and Summer. Since tie-dye has officially been elevated to high-fashion status we figure we would note our favorite takes on this fun trend.

Try Just A Splash Of Color: If tie-dye is too overwhelming for you, try easing into the trend with something casual. One easy ensemble you can always fall back on is pairing a bright tie-dye tee with a pair of jeans. For a more feminine look, seek a sleek dress with a toned-down tie-dye detail.

Polished Look: Who says tie-dye can’t be sophisticated? By styling a chic two-tone dye blouse with polished workwear pieces like trousers and a tailored blazer for a bold twist. Since tie-dye traditionally comes with a grungier reputation, a tasteful way to help balance that out is to keep an eye out for more ladylike silhouettes.

Nighttime Haze: Believe it or not, tie-dye is the nostalgic way to energize your going-out look. Switch out your standard LBD for something free-spirited and you'll stand out from the crowd.

We hope these colorful swirls won’t intimidate you from being the eccentric queen that you are!

Let us know in the comments below if you are trippy for the trend or does the party need to end?



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