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Ready, Jetset, Go!

Summertime is officially here and if you're like us you are counting down the days until you jet off to that beach getaway! We’ve rounded up a few tips and outfit inspirations to ensure you’re vacation ready. You might not have a getaway on the calendar just yet, but that doesn't mean some of these stylish tips won't help you when packing in the future. Whether you're more of a beach gal or a boho queen, there's something here that will speak to your fashion-loving soul.

Packing Tips

Besides choosing the perfect style of clothing, try these tips to make packing easier for your next summer vacation:

  • Travel comfortably: If you go on a trip in uncomfortable clothes, you'll find yourself frustrated and restless. Wear lightweight and breathable fabrics, as well as comfortable shoes, this will make navigating through the airport a breeze!

  • Pack the right way: Think fewer wrinkles and maximizing luggage space when you neatly pack, travel cube or roll clothing instead of tossing garments in randomly. Curate outfits together when packing to save time when you reach your destination; everything will be organized and ready to go at a moment's notice.

  • Check your itinerary: We have a tendency to over pack at times...tehehehe ;) Try to plan your outfits around your daily activities. Pack for what you need, allowing for one or two extra outfits just in case.

Make a Splash!

What's the point of summer vacation if you don't pack a bathing suit (or two or three?). Besides a flattering swimsuit, whether it's a one-piece or two, pack cover-ups in styles such as, kimono, tank dresses or tunics, depending on which one fits your style best.

When it comes to beach-ready, poolside, or cruise attire, we want something minimal, functional but totally gorgeous. Cover-ups no exception. We’re loving see-through lace styles for cover-ups. You can easily throw them on for a casual look by the pool or dress it up by adding some cute shorts and a wedge sandal for a cool summer style.

Casual and Cute

Dresses and skirts are essential pieces to have when traveling. Go for airy silhouettes that include a variety of options from mini to maxi that reflect your personality. Jumpsuits and rompers are fun alternates as well. White is a classic and summery but look for lively colors, florals, and vibrant prints as well.

Cutoffs and shorts go with everything! Any woman can complement shorts with a well-chosen top, such as halter top, wrap shirt, tube top or linen button-down shirt. Lastly, whatever you do, don't forget headwear. Whether you like to make a head wrap from a scarf or top everything off with a wide-brimmed straw hat, your outfit is not complete until it's accessorized.

What are your vacation plans this summer and what is your go-to travel ensemble?



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