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PVC Party

The PVC trend has been gaining momentum for the last few seasons and it isn’t going anywhere. In fact, the reign of this 2019 fashion trend is just getting started. Some might ask, what exactly is PVC? The full name: polyvinyl chloride, is a clear plastic material that is used for many purposes, for example, to make clothing, shoes, cover chairs, pipes and insulation, etc.

In the fashion world, PVC is commonly known as vinyl or "vinyl clothing", which gives us shiny and luxe garments, shoes and accessories.

We’d be lying if we suggested PVC trend isn’t intimidating to wear. But several designers have taken full advantage of this 2019 fashion craze, giving us many options to stand out.

Everything from classic pumps, jackets, and bags. Still not convinced? Ease into it with clear accessories, think a cute cuff bracelet or a pair of translucent hoop earrings. Read below for a couple of Sashe’s favorite ways to style this transparent trend.


Clear shoes were one of the biggest breakout rages on the spring/ summer runways. We totally understand why...this trendy but functional look goes with absolutely everything in your closet.

It's such a versatile piece when it comes to styling, it is easy to work into your wardrobe for day or night, no matter what your style vibe is.

From wedges to kitten heels and slides, there's an iteration of the look in every form of sandals to choose from. So, no matter what kind of fashionista you are, you can find something that’ll suit you.

If you’re a casual cutie, grab your favorite graphic tee and pair it with silk skirt and top off your outfit with a naked heel. You will definitely have everyone’s attention in the right way.

Feeling adventurous? Rock a cocktail dress and transparent pumps to keep your outfit looking current, along with adding a touch of avant-garde element.


Clear the path for PVC purses and handbags. Transparent plastic bags are one of the most playful and alluring trends making a statement this year. Clear bags are delightfully bold and fearless; confidently revealing what lies within. Whether you have something to show off in your bag or just want to add a modern and edgy touch to your outfits, there’s a PVC bag for you!

Transparent bags have been cropping up in a multitude of styles proving that what’s on the inside is just as important as the outside. Options range from clutches to bucket style, crossbody or full color with some “peek a boo” PVC action. It’s clear that the PVC trend isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, we anticipate clear bags to sweep the style world even more as people realize just how fun and creative this trend really is.

Is the vision clear for you? Will you be adding the PVC trend to your wardrobe?



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